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Jason Huffman

Photographer 2009 - Current

Annandale, VA 22003

Greetings and welcome to my online world, a world at its best when I capture it with my camera.  It has been suggested that I try to sell some of my work and share the beauty of it with others. 

I was exposed to photography a lot in high school. Back then my focus was in media arts and I was working with live theater, lights and sound. 
The classes I took were always split between theater tech or photography. The idea behind the two was that to me they were the same in art and creativity. To me it was very easy to translate stage lighting in to lighting needs and colors for a good picture.


I have always enjoyed the natural beauty of the great outdoors, but once you look away it was gone, forever. The first thing I think that really inspired me to start taking pictures was I wanted better backgrounds for my computer desktop. 

Now that I'm selling pictures I'm getting better ideas of what's good, I can take this and improve on my work.

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